Party Bus Terrell Recommended Restaurants

Terrell Steak & Grill
307 E Interstate 20 | Terrell, TX 75160 | Phone (972) 524-9998

    Don't be surprised when you pull up to this place and find that the parking lot is full. It is only a signal of how popular this wonderful establishment is. The steak is absolutely out of this world in terms of taste and texture. The kitchen staff knows how to cook anything you want to perfection and you are not going to believe how good the loaded baked potato is as your side. But never fear, there is something for everyone here and the staff all aim to make sure you are going to leave with a huge smile on your face.

Pop's Honey Fried Chicken
701 W Moore Avenue | Terrell, TX 75160 | Phone (972) 563-8400

    This is one of those situations where you don't want to judge a book by its cover. The outside may not be much to look at but you aren't going to care about that when you start munching on the exceptional food they serve up. When you are combing the menu, you will see a lot of options but you really can't do better than the fried chicken that comes out of this kitchen. And keep in mind that this is not just any old fried chicken, this is a specialty dish. All of the servers are so helpful. Get ready for some comfort food.

101 State Highway 205 | Terrell, TX 75160 | Phone (972) 563-2199

    Have you been craving some amazing Italian cuisine? Then your next course of action needs to be to rush over to this absolutely outstanding establishment and we know you are going to be delighted with what you see on the menu. And whether you are in the mood for grilled shrimp, salmon or a pasta dish, everything is cooked to absolute perfection. No matter what you end up ordering, you will be served some of the best hot garlic rolls you have ever had in your entire life. Get ready to smile a lot and come back often.

Taqueria Dos Aces
300 W Moore Ave | Terrell, TX 75160 | Phone (972) 524-4446

    When you think about great Mexican fare, what comes to mind? Probably authentic is the first word that comes to mind. The guacamole is always fresh and adds a lot to any meal you might order. The usual suspects are all here on the menu including burritos and enchiladas. And for something to wash your entree down, you are going to want to order one of their margaritas. Be prepared for one of the strongest Margaritas you have ever consumed. In short, there is nothing that you are not going to love about this place.

Cole Mountain Restaurant
419 E Moore Avenue | Terrell, TX 75160 | Phone (972) 524-0498

    This establishment amazingly produces awesome food and is also responsible for a legend. But there is nothing that is not real about the amazingly awesome dishes that come out of the kitchen like barbecue, steaks, mesquite grill, chicken fried steak and so much more. The word delicious just doesn't cover how mouth watering the food is here. The atmosphere is fun loving and there is a lot of energy. The chefs really seem to understand how to season the various entrees and sides that exit the kitchen. Find out for yourself.


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