Party Bus Laredo Recommended Restaurants

Palenque Grill Loop 20
7220 Bob Bullock Loop | Laredo, TX 78041 | Phone (956) 728-1272

    Great flavors, recipes, and tradition is what this fine dining establishment is all about. You are not going to believe how amazing their signature dish Fajitas de Pollo is. The kitchen staff marinates the chicken breast for hours in real fruit juices, spices and herbs. And the way this place is run will astound you. Not only will your food be brought to you cooked to perfection but you will find that your server will make sure that you have everything you need in a very timely fashion. Definitely worth your time and effort.

El Capataz
7234 Bob Bullock Loop | Laredo, TX 78041 | Phone (956) 723-7400

    A relative newcomer to the area, the place is so unique and amazing, you are not going to want to leave. The reason for this is that the recipes used here are from many different locations including Southern Mexico, Central America, South America, the Caribbean and Mediterranean. There are many dishes you are going to want to sample including their Capataz Burger, Prime Rib, Crispy Shrimp Albondigas and Taquitos Mar de Cortez. In addition, the range of craft beers that the menu offers provide you with your liquid refreshment.

Border Foundry Restaurant & Bar
7718 McPherson Road | Laredo, TX 78045 | Phone (956) 724-5907

    How many eating and drinking establishments do you know that have been in business since 1907? This place has certainly stood the test of time and for good reason. We can best describe what comes out of the kitchen as gourmet offerings. You will be pleased to know that you are going to find items on their menu that you have never seen before. Items like chicken salad stuffed avocado and shrimp bisque. But whatever you decide to order, you can be assured that it will be delivered to you with great flavor and texture.

El Meson De San Augustine
908 Grant Street | Laredo, TX 78040 | Phone (956) 725-9299

    It is very difficult to know where to begin when discussing this wonderful establishment. Probably the best place to start when you visit is to order one of their thirst quenching lemonades. This will set the stage for one of their tasty appetizers. They have chosen to keep the menu small but what this allows the kitchen staff to do is to concentrate on expertly preparing the items they do list. This is definitely one of those hidden gems where the food the so outstanding you will be concerned with anything else.

Jalapenos Pizza & Wings
9802 McPherson Road | Laredo, TX 78045 | Phone (956) 722-7777

    Get ready to chomp on some of the best pizza pies you have ever had in your life. One thing is certain, they do not skimp on the cheese and the other toppings. The staff is super attentive and will make sure that you are completely satisfied. Don't miss the opportunity to add what they call cheesestix to your order, they are full of flavor. If you have kids, bring them along as this is a very kid friendly place. And something else you can count on is everything they serve is fresh, nothing frozen here.


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