Party Bus Fort Worth Recommended Restaurants

Arlington Heights | 1001 Foch St | Fort Worth, TX 76107 | Phone number (817) 334-0560

  • Reservoir is a gastropub that all of our Party Bus Dallas customers have really enjoyed over the years, very highly recommended!
  • This hipster-vibe type of place is the smartest spot in town to watch sports while you nosh on your comfort food favorites and more.
  • The meatloaf pizza is an absolute must-try and we're also huge fans of the cap'n tenders as well as all of their appetizers and desserts.
  • There are always large crowds here, which many Party Bus Dallas customers enjoy, but if you don't, escape to the outdoor seating!
  • You'll always enjoy the wonderful service that you receive here, no matter what day or night of the week you choose to come in.

Sweet Tomatoes
Arlington Heights | 2901 West 7th St | Fort Worth, TX 76107 | Phone number (817) 348-8533

  • For those who love vegetarian dishes, soups, and salads, Sweet Tomatoes is an absolute must-visit location in the Fort Worth area.
  • Party Bus Dallas customers always love coming in to try the soups, pastas, breads, and of course their wonderful baked potatoes.
  • The people who work here are so warm and charming that you'll feel as if you're visiting long lost family while you're there.
  • This is one of the cleanest restaurants we have ever dined in, and it's also very beautifully and simply decorated. Love that!
  • The salad bar is one of the nicest that we've ever seen, really packed with fresh items to craft a healthful and tasty lunch.

Texas De Brazil
Downtown | 101 N Houston St | Fort Worth, TX 76102 | Phone number (817) 882-9500

  • If a Brazilian steakhouse is what you had in mind for your Party Bus Dallas trip, Texas De Brazil is the one we'd recommend to you!
  • It is a bit pricey here but it's also super high quality, and you'll love the opportunity to dress up and really have a beautiful night out.
  • It's very romantic here as well, so if you are celebrating a wedding or an anniversary, this is a very wise choice for that special day.
  • Highlights include their incredibly flavorful lobster bisque, their fresh offerings at the salad bar, and the delicious picanha.
  • There's plenty of room for your Party Bus Dallas groups here and you'll always be treated to the highest quality service around.

Blue Sushi Sake Grill
Arlington Heights | 3131 W 7th St | Fort Worth, TX 76107 | Phone number (817) 332-2583

  • For a wonderful time in the Fort Worth area with Party Bus Dallas, Blue Sushi Sake Grill is impressive and vast, perfect for groups!
  • You will not believe the upscale ambiance here, with the beautifully crafted bar and incredible decor throughout the restaurant.
  • Excellent happy hour prices from 3-6:30 on Mon-Sat, 12-10 Sunday, and 10:30-midnight on Fri-Sat. Includes grill, sushi, and drinks.
  • Highlights include the mango crab rangoon, the chocolate spring rolls, the spanish fly roll, and of course the Sapporos to drink!
  • You just will not find higher quality sushi and sashimi than this anywhere in the Fort Worth area! Very highly recommended.

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