Party Bus Dallas Recommended Restaurants

Tei Tei Robata
Lower Greenville | 2906 N Henderson Ave | Dallas, TX 75206 | Phone number (214) 828-2400

  • One of the coolest sushi restaurants in the Dallas area, perfect for Party Bus Dallas travelers who love sushi and sashimi.
  • Beautifully set up with the sushi bar and grill being center stage, surrounded by the seating area with cozy tables.
  • Fresh fish and live lobster on display for you to choose from - truly the best way to make sure you get the catch of the day!
  • Highlights include the miso sea bass, the popcorn river crabs, the Japanese snapper, the aji sashimi, and the washu beef.
  • It can be a bit pricey here but it's definitely worth every penny and very highly recommended by Party Bus Dallas.

2222 N Stemmons Fwy | Dallas, TX 75207 | Phone number (214) 631-2222

  • This is a beautiful American traditional restaurant that is located within the Renaissance Hotel here in Dallas, TX.
  • Not only is there a beautiful restaurant here, but a fabulous tequila bar toward the back where you can enjoy cocktails and spirits.
  • They have a very impressive farm-to-plate menu that our Party Bus Dallas customers seem to really enjoy.
  • Highlights include a mesquite half chicken that we have enjoyed many times as well as their chorizo sausage and grits.
  • Truly one of the best places to dine when with Party Bus Dallas - don't skip it just because it's in a hotel! Don't have to be a guest.

The Gin Mill
Lower Greenville | 1921 Henderson Ave | Dallas, TX 75206 | Phone number (214) 824-3343

  • One of our favorite bars and restaurants in the Party Bus Dallas service area, with a very casual and laid back atmosphere.
  • This is also one of the more trendy places in the area, making it perfect for your more exciting celebrations with Party Bus Dallas.
  • The music is sensational here and it's almost as big of a reason to go there as the food and drinks are! You'll absolutely love it.
  • There are many different seating areas for you to choose from, each creating its own very special ambiance for your group.
  • Highlights include the burger sliders, the chicken sandwich, the soup of the day, and the cheeseboard.

Victor Tango's
Lower Greenville | 3001 N Henderson Ave | Dallas, TX 75206 | Phone number (214) 252-8595

  • If a gastropub and cocktail bar is what you're after, Party Bus Dallas would very highly recommend Victor Tango's to you.
  • The pepper smash is a wonderful drink that you'll enjoy here and we also very highly recommend the dark and stormy!
  • The ambiance is very pleasant and you will not believe the high quality service that you receive when you dine and drink here.
  • Don't forget to take a photo by their giant chair, as it's pretty much the thing to do when you're there! How fun and cute.
  • Highlights include the ahi tuna nachos, the miso sea bass, the chicken and waffles, and of course the lamb lollipops!

E Bar Tex Mex
East Dallas | 1901 N Haskell Ave | Dallas, TX 75204 | Phone number (214) 824-3227

  • The Mexican and Tex-Mex food that you will find at E Bar is really sensational, so masterfully made and served with flair.
  • There is more than enough room for your Party Bus Dallas groups here and you'll love watching the game while you drink.
  • Highlights include the jorge tacos and the chips and salsa, not to mention the enchiladas and the burritos. It's all excellent!
  • The folks who work here are so friendly that you will immediately feel at home, even if it's your very first visit to this restaurant.
  • For your starter, we would very highly recommend the queso dip to you! Everyone loves it and it's such a great appetizer!

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