Party Bus Abilene Recommended Restaurants

The Beehive
442 Cedar Street | Abilene, TX 79601 | Phone (325) 675-0600

    Your dreams have come true. During and after your last bite here, you will be entering a state of ecstasy unlike any you have ever felt in your life. This fine establishment is known for their succulent, charred cuts of prime beef and juicy racks of lamb. Patron after patron claim that this is the best steakhouse in Texas and who are we to argue with them. Everything on the menu is prepared to a mouth watering level and is absolutely delicious. The atmosphere is a real plus and you will be treated like royalty by the serving staff.

4782 S 14th Street | Abilene, TX 79605 | Phone (325) 692-4776

    Authentic in every way, the goal here is simple. This is not just a restaurant serving up delicious, made from scratch Mexcian fare, but it is a unique experience where people of all ages can sit down and be treated like vrey special guests. The decor is phenomenal with a courtyard full of amazing artwork and statuary. All of the receipes used span back generations and come form the chef's family traditions. You can count on some gracious hospitality as well and there is a definitive passion that permeates the overall atmosphere.

Belle's Chicken Dinner House
2002 N Clack Street | Amarillo, TX 79106 | Phone (806) 351-0349

    Start with some tasty fried chicken at this location and you will never be the same. Talk about being tender and juicy. But what takes this place over the top are the scrumptious sides they offer like green beans, mashed potatoes, corn and gravy just like grandma used to make. Throw in some fresh yeast rolls and you will be speechless. The staff aims to please and will make sure that all is well. One thing that you do not want to forget is to save room for some of their phenomenal dessert of which there are many choices.

Szechuan Chinese Restaurant
3425 S 1st Street | Abilene, TX 79605 | Phone (325) 673-9100

    This location has so many interesting facets to it and all of these facets add up to a wonderful experience that is just waiting for you. The first thing you will notice is how classy the decor and atmosphere is. We highly recommend the General Tso's chicken. Be prepared for very large portions to be brought to you. This will ensure you do not leave hungry and at the same time you will have some wonderful leftovers to take home with you. So, what are you waiting for, get here as fast as you can for everything you have been craving.

Lytle Land and Cattle Company
1150 E South 11th Street | Abilene, TX 79602 | Phone (325) 677-1925

    Are you in a steak kind of mood? Then we have just the place for you. Not only will you find the absolute best steaks in all of Texas here, but you will have other choices that will astound you like seafood and chicken dishes. The kitchen staff uses some special cooking spices that only enhance the awesomeness of the dishes they serve up here. If you like choices, then this is the place for you. Also, to round out your meal there is a fully stocked bar which has absolutely everything you could ever hope for and want.


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